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Hire Philip Pittle!

Why Philip?

Philip has over 7 years professional IT experience with 5 years specializing in designing and authoring software applications on the Microsoft .NET platform. He is internationally educated holding a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology and obtaining a Masters in Grid Computing from the University of Amsteredam in August 2012.

Philip is a team player and goal oriented, dedicated to the success of the project. He has real world experience working with clients and stakeholders to derive requirements. He is comfortable taking a leadership role and knows how to meet a deadline. He is no stranger to prototyping and experimenting to evaluate the latest technology and trends.

In esscence, Philip is the perfect addition to your team! Take a look at his resume below and Contact him today!

Why Your Company?

Are you a fast paced, high energy technology company, bringing together the best and brightest to meet your customer's challenges? Are you dedicated to success, delivering high quality software applications? Do you provide an environment that rewards and promotes innovation? Are you located in the Amsterdam area? Then your company is the perfect match for Philip!

Resume / CV

Want to hear more? Download Philip's Resume / CV:
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